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Summer Holidays Homework

Do you remember when you were at school and teacher before go on holidays will give you homework to do during the summer??? Well yesterday for a freelance sailing photographer like me, it was the same: go to the event, do exercise, take a day off before make this report and edit pictures.

Yes, because if you live near some of the most iconic lakes in the world (Bergamo is very lucky to be in the middle of Lago Maggiore and Lago Lario, aka Como, at west, and Lago d’Iseo and Lago di Garda eastbound) and you sail (and shoot) on both palestre della vela (Lago di Lecco and Lago di Garda) you cannot miss to shoot international Championships!

Last week I was at the Perl called Riva del Garda for the Melges24 class, this week I visited my friends in Gravedona for the European NACRA classes. The interesting is that both town have similar latitude and they are on top of theirs lakes and they have a considerable history (no spoil here, you have to visit them!).

As I was free of duty, the crew of the club has found a place for me on a service R.I.B. from where I could shoot, it was fine, also to respect the job of the colleague in charge.

The Championship unluckily started the week without wind but yesterday the lake has showed the best condition for sailing (consider that middle august is not the best d/t the hot summer energy stored from the lake and mountains around; also the clusters of storms of the last 2 week has made difficult forecast):

sunny spells, 26-28[°C] temperature, wind started at 10 finished with 15[kts] and gust up to 20[kts], classic short 20-40[cm] waves. Sailing Paradise!

A lot of boats and crews on ground with relatives too, we are in Italy so why not do holidays there? So there are team from all the world too: Singapore, Australia, USA, Japan, Argentina, so another big success for the A.V.A:L.- C.D.V.

When on the starting line you have more than 15 boats, it’s always a big show!!!

With 1 starting lines, 2 parallel fields, and 2 different arrival lines layout, the lake was covered everywhere with these “small” coloured fast multihull; making operations of support to capsized or man over board sometime delicate.

After the wind start to blow up, the particular short waves of the lake has made the field very technical for the crews (and annoying us on R.I.B.), at the end there are many crew members very young a light weight….

At the time I’m writing, yesterday Aug. 15th, one of the boat of YCMonaco has suffered a damage from the Singapore team, I hope they are back on water today; however, as usual for sailing world, the FairPlay is sovereigns and the asiatic team already yesterday has offered to the Monegasque team, technical support.

“Sailing school of life!!!”

The weather forecast is still a lottery for the last days, and the standings are showing those the games are still open.

Buone Vacanze a tutti.

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