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The perfect Day?

After a long night to publish some images and a short nap to be ready to drive back to Riva, the weather at the arrival was not good as all has hoped: overcast and light wind… In any case R.C. decided to move as planned and the first start took place with a light “Pelèr" at 09:05UTC, but after half an hour the radio has brought the “give up” message with some disappointment for many…

However, within an hour the Ora wind was stable, the filed changed, and a fantastic sunny spell light, the battle started again at 10:40UTC.

The first race has seen a predominance of ALTEA ITA-722 as the second race, with the boat at the first mark always with more than two length from the second boat and the fleet before jibe…

Only a big contact has been notice during the first race, when Viking Line FIN-529 and been forked by Bodil DEN-840 with the bowsprit, no damage or injured… Just a great series of shots!

The third and final race of the day has seen a big mix for the fleet, mainly d/t the decision of the R.C. (WHY???) to use only the half of the starting line on the right side of the R.C.boat(all races before had used a line with 2 segment and the R.C. in the middle), and some teams has been obliged to use the “reverse gear" before to start.

Even if I’ve been able to shoot only one day of races I could see a great level of fighting and fairness, the equity, the great quality, and performance of the hull has brought out the capacity of the crews. Melges family is always a place for great sailors… and with crew members from the teenager age to the over 70 of Frank Davenport, the class is for everyone.

Happy Sailing Summer…

General Standing: 10 races Melges 24 Class

1. MAIDOLLIS ITA-854 - Carlo Fracassoli (34= 1;1;7;4;7;1;1;3;9;DNC)

2. CAIPIRINHA JR ITA-633 - Matteo Ivaldi (53=5;20;8;1,1;3;14;5;7;9)

3. LUCKY DOG / GILL RACE TEAM USA-749 - Travis Weisleder (57=2;2;12;11;5;4;8;11;12;2)


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