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Last day, last chance to make something.

The forecast wasn’t good, but the weather of the Côte d’Azur has made all good. Light stable wind from West South West, speed has grown with time but always not above 15[kts], a light layer of cirrus and altostratus’s closed the event. Also the race has been honoured by a diplomatic visit at the beginning.

The Star Class as usual has been dominated and controlled by the champion Roberto Benamati while the Swiss Rutz with his Squalo Bianco couldn’t stop the Austrian Nehammer that with two 1st place at the end took the 2nd place on the podium.

Smeralda 888 class has show big “star wars” (cit. needed, check pictures of spinnaker and stay tune…), also it has show great unity and fresh blood in the crews, with some team where the average age is the same or just less of the hull age. This is absolutely good for this unique class, young people still love fight and sail in “old style” (yes they have bow and spinnaker) speed ≠ fun. by default.

Big fight in the big fleet of J70 where some also thought to crash jibing too early after the mark; Big deal for Mascalzone that with the BFD (Black Flag) has probably lost the 1st place. Also here thanks the engagement of the YCM a couple of very young team have sailed in the big fleet with big names.

Unluckily, just few minutes on Melges 20 and Longtze Premier so not possible to give a good report on them, but games where mostly closed 24h before, however they had fun, because also dolphin have come to see the race.

Primo Cup has keep his legend of be a Tough Regatta, you have to read carefully the field (mostly has paid stay off shore before afternoon) and try to use all length of the line of departure (speed=momentum=energy to tack/jibe fast) and to prevent misunderstanding from weather forecast.

Here you must sail!!! Not play with a virtual race.

For who is writing, it has been a pleasure as usual to shoot sailing and be here, maybe could be a bit easier and be able to follows some target better, but the Yacht Club Monaco had all Team has made the best.

Now it’s time to go back to the grey winter in the North Italy, and wait for the next event.


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