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Day 2 - Report from the fied

Ok, MeteoFrance is not reliable, the weather has made the surprise in the night hitting the coast with a strong storm, and the day so started with a crisp blue sky and chilly sun, Good for some soft shot and to reorder the stream of the air.

The field of Melges 20 and Longtze Premier have been the first target on the field Northeast but due the small number of boat for each and the light breeze, the races are been relatively calm except for the first start of Longtze Premier where Race Committee has been obliged to restart with Black flag.

After has done the job on Melges 20 and Longtze Premier, it’s time to move to the other field.

On the field Southwest in front to the Oceanographic Museum Star Class, Smeralda 888 and J70 are already fighting with more wind than the others. So this means big fights, in particular for J70 Class with the biggest number of participants this year.

To the downwind gate, the fights brought touch of hull, rise of hands, voice and Red Flags and intervention of the Jury on field. As quote says “one image for 1000 words”, the same here.

Also Smeralda 888 has some gentlemen fights.

Stars, unluckily in small number, has show his legend too, with Roberto Benamati and his crew fighting for top position as usual. With the sun moving west for sunset, the light and the field became more dramatic to rise the show to magic with all three classes fight side by side sometime. All good for fans.

Forecast tomorrow??? Good question, but this time looks all are agrees of a very gentle breeze with max gust speed of 10[kts].

At moment of writing the results are not available, hopes for tomorrow morning in the press room. Stay tuned!


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