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LET'S BEGIN - Day 1 Report from the field

Starting with AP signal UP for lack/variable wind and layer of middle clouds on the sea side (as meteo forecast said) the day wasn’t looking good; but the Race Committee was optimist and has the gift, the wind arrived 220-230°/10-14[kts] and clouds moved a bit far from the race field. For the second upwind of race 1 the mark has been relocate farther, for race 3 shorter; so well done to R.C. and Organisers.

The classes clubswan42 and 45 were merged in one departure after the departure of the clubswan50. All starts of the class 50 has been calm.

During the upwind and downwind in all classes we could see some match-race.

All boats has showed a rising level of “Competence and Fighting” after the lack of wind yesterday for the practise race.

Around the docks big fair of North Sail products with the boss Ken Read guest of CuordiLeone, and Leonardo Ferragamo are just a couple of names to guarantee the high level of crews sailing at the event.

If weather is still confirmed, the 29 will be the best day for racing, with gust up to 24[kts]. I’m quite jealous to not be on boat to sail, but I’m happy to be on R.I.B. to shoot, so stay tune!

Results tables:

Class ClubSwan42 https://goo.gl/G2WwYZ

1. ITA 17325 Far Star (Lorenzo Mondo) [1;1;1] Pt.: 3

2. ITA 42171 Digital Bravo (Alberto Franchi) [2;2;2] Pt.: 6

3. ITA 4220 MELA (Andrea Rossi) [3;3;3] Pt.: 9

Class ClubSwan45 https://goo.gl/fZsZjb

1. ESP 10222 PORRON IX (Luis Senis Segarra) [2;1;1] Pt.: 4

2. ITA 15000 ANGE TRANSPARENT 2 (Valter Pizzoli) [1;2;2] Pt.: 5

3. GBR 4502 MISS K CHECKMATE (Piermarco Babando) [3;3;3] Pt.: 9

Class ClubSwan50 https://goo.gl/yaQ95M

1. ITA 5016 CUORDILEONE (Leonardo Ferragamo) [1;1;2] Pt.: 4

2. RUS 50007 SKORPIOS (Andrey Konogorov) [3;3;1] Pt.: 7

3. SUI 5004 MATHILDE (Kielland Morten) [2;2;4] Pt.: 8

4. SWE 5015 RAVENGER (Roger Samuelsson) [4;5;3] Pt: 12

5. RUS 5017 BRONENOSEC (Vladimir Liubomirov) [5;4;5;] Pt:14

update 2018Mar29 09:00UTC: NO WIND and layer of clouds are killing Day 2


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