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Day 1 - Maledizione Oceanica

What can I said???

Good question, all ingredient for a great event there were, except one: WIND!!!

In one month the two main sailing event with the most intriguing boats able to cross oceans on wings, have been afflicted by very light wind. Is it a Oceanic Malediction???

Before the race I could appreciate the evolution of the class during the years, from wing mast, passing to canting keel, and arriving to the foiling. One feature very interesting is the helm axes that can tilt up of 90° with all leverage, preventing bad damages and reduce drag when needed. Another feature that has a big evolution is the shape and structure of the stern, from tall, wide and closed to lower, narrow and open.

Team are keeping an high mood during the race, and the queen of this I would say is Alexia Barrier who organized a hola with all team while was sailing on the route. One more note, the event has been visited also by a special spectator: S.Y. A the Russian mega yacht designed by P. Stark.

We all photographers, videomakers, team of YCM are hoping that tomorrow the breeze will honour the brave skippers and crews with an higher speed.


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