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Rolex Giraglia 2018 - The Grey Day

Yesterday I finished the report with these words: ”The June 11th forecast are still rain for midday. We hope not… but it’s important to have wind…”.

So the rain arrived 12h in advance, and the hope of wind… dead, melted, you can choose what you like…

At the time to leave the press office, the weather was giving us good condition to sail, but the time to arrive on the field, the wind disappear and a stupid grey layer of cloud has parked over all the golfe…

Our plan for the day was to shoot “normal” boat, but without any wind, our group of shooters, have the smart idea to try to go outside, on the field of the Wally/Swan Maxi to see if at least there was wind. Yes a little bit more, sufficient to give departures…

Holy departures!!!

The committee has the brave idea to start races 3 times in a row, AND DELETE all of them.

Really if there were Tuiga and Cambria with the cannon, they would used it to fire and sink the R.C. boat. Really I was shocked: for example, on Wallycento class (there are 3 boats), has been deleted when 2 of those (Tango and Galateia) were already downwind under gennaker.

For the others, was event worst: deleted the first d/t bad line and maybe general recall (but I didn’t saw any flag) and they decided to re-place the position of the line: result? Un gran casino e tanto tempo perso.

As you can see from images, they first attacked the R.C. boat zone, and after follow the line, we had also a missed collision on the pin of departure, with boats to start left-hand or they were just to try to be back on time., the second start has destroyed any extra possibility to sail. With this prospective, our R.I.B come back on the original plan catching the rest of the fleet at the exit of the bay.

Here we discovered the classical mark wasn’t there (we still don’t know the track) but boats were sailing between the rocks. Speed??? Less than 2.5[kts]. The good, a spectacular woods of sailing boats all around.

The most exciting view today??? CanadaAir firefight water bomber doing some exercise in front of us.

Ahhh to close the day the sky became quite clean.

We absolutely don’t know in which model trust, in theory the forecast was 20[kts[ but now , just wake up and pack all stuff.


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