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Time-Lapse hot in fire...

The early night of the April 3rd, I decided to come back and re-try to shoot a time-lapse from Spartivento (spartivento means wind-split) in Bellagio, one of the most amazing place on Lario (and in the world).

Conditions looked perfect, a bit less wind , crispy clear sky and full moon. I did my starting test to set the camera and lens. 

Unlikely even this second session isn't perfect: a single stupid flare just below the fire. I didn't see any during the setting-up, but luckily it's not a great deal (I still trying to understand from where it comes). 

It's a common problem with 8[mm] fish-eye lens and if the flares aren't bright it's really hard to see them in the eyepiece of the camera and with the preview.

So mean while my first and old DSLR was on the tripod, secured for the wind (the first attempt last month was destroyed by a movement of the system d/t the strong wind) and far from lights in the garden, I was testing my new baby: a second hand Canon eos 7D body bought on eBay. And with the second body I could shoot some images and video with it of the fire on the mountain using the smartest tripod, GorillaPod.

Probably I couldn't find a better test for it, next weekend I'll test it for my main business: sailing (2 days before I did some test during the transfer of Bau Bau, but it was easy).

Yes Fire! This was a surprise, because I didn't know that it was burning. It also created some cloud on left when the smoke met the strong cold wind from the mountain. As time-lapse will show there's frequency between the two events.

I have also another problem during the time-lapse, I left the camera on Av mode, and it shot images with t=10[s], that it wasn't a problem, but for some reason, the system: SD (slower I have), CamRanger and the eos 500d, worked only for 188 shots, instead to 250.

Next time check!!! 

As mentioned I didn't know when it started, but I was surprised that I was alone to watch it from the cape. So with the new function of the CamRanger app I could download and share immediately some shots to Google+ and send some emails to the local newspaper (thanks also to vodafone for the contract).

They contacted me in the late noon to ask me the permission to use one of the shots share in the night.

I love shooting...


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