Photo Police in Monaco... - Alexander Panzeri Photography


If you already looked my images of Montecarlo, I wrote to come here and read the story about behind the scene...

As you know the French Riviera is a paradise for and to shoot, and thanks to my passion for the astronomy, I knew that during that period there was the conjunction between Moon and Jupiter. So with xmas decorations it was a good excuse for a photowalk by night.

I had already decided to avoid to photograph close to hotels and Casinò, so I went straight to the garden in front of the Casinò. But just entering the signal says to avoid to use tripod inside. Uhmm ok I can understand, VIP, paparazzi and tourists... So I went on top between the road and the fountain and I shot with the tripod from there. I thought to be allowed, I was outside the garden. Later I moved to another wonderful building: the Hotel Hermitage, I love it.

The dome, the Moon and Jupiter it's a great shot, but it was night so I need the tripod again.

I was on the sidewalk and after setup and a couple of test shot, you know road signs, pilons, comas..... I was ready when an undecover police car stop near to me and the 4 policemen inside told me that all around the town is prohibited to use the tripod!!!

Yeah for security reasons you are not allow to use a tripod without written clearance!!!

So I closed the tripod in the bag and walk to another location... and this time I used my wallet and all walls and vases I could find.

So if you go to Montecarlo don't use the tripod!!!