Hells Bell - Alexander Panzeri Photography


  • Super Sunset

    Super Sunset

    Panorama view from the bell tower with the Observatory tower, test

  • Magical Downtown Sunset

    Magical Downtown Sunset

    This image is posted and a copy is inside the La Torre del Sole (now is on the wall signed by Margherita Hack)


It was since La Torre del Sole (Planetarium and Observatory) opened, the crew and I want do a picture of the Tower with a wonderful background. I was the only one that have in mind that shot must be done with a special point of view. Many did pictures from ground level, but it's easy and general (in italian: dozzinale).

It was before Christmas, and I was thinking for all gift I have to do/buy. I don't remember why I was at the observatory, however when they closed before dinner, the sky, the light were just amazing... also an extra target was there, a new moon...

Luckily, thanks to a friend in the shop near the church, who spoke with sexton and clergyman, I could enter in the church and climb on the bell tower. I was very lucky because it was a bad period for all town: Yara Gambirasio was disappeared for some days and photographers and cameramen were not allowed to enter in the church.

However, I was allowed to climb till the "first" level, below the bells floor.

Yes hell climb!!!  Because even I was in the church there weren't normal stairs in concrete or stone, but a series of ladder and small stop in shaking wood boards. The hole in the floor of each level was so narrow that I could just pass throw crushing myself and scratching the camera bag (I'm 174 cm and 67 kg). "Where is the 626 here???" crossed my mind (626 it's the italian law for safety on job place).

When on top, I was alone because the sexton was busy downstair. I started to shoot. Unfortunately the tower is illuminated by big lights from the ground, so the F.o.V. was limited; also the Moon wasn't so fast I hoped to have it in the background. The bells ring at the and weren't a problem of sound but some vibrations in the structure, for safety, I decide to stop and recover the tripod from the edge of the bulwalk.

At the end, I had these fabulous result. Probably the most scurry thing I did (and I did many) but the result was just great!!