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Focal length


It was a nice summer day, as many in Italy and I just received the last piece of my "crazy" shop... After I found euros, I decided to finish to be stressed by the adaptor for my old lens (Canon FL) and use all the power of my eos 500d. Also, before buy the 3 new instruments, I was looking on ebay for an used Canon EF 300mm L. But during Sunday I had this mad idea: "instead to buy 1 heavy big lens that I don't know if I like, if I buy 2 lens and a tripod???" So I did!!!

When the 200[mm] arrived I test all my stuff. I set the tripod and I passed all my lens, from the just landed 200[mm] down to the new fisheye, including also the old and stopping on zoom marks.

The camera was set on AUTO, so all shot have the best profile for the sensor.

In the image you can see the result, and the problem with the adaptor (the blur dot in the middle).

I'm thinking to print a version with some info (like distance...) and keeping inside the bag. I also hope to resolve the problem with the lens of the adaptor, because the old lens are really good and I think they will be useful for some astronomical or portrait or architecture shot, or when the zoom is too dark and I need more light.

update: I should re-do it because I bought my wonderful SIGMA 17-70[mm] f/2.8-4