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2014 Mar 05

SLR Lounge canon lens war 200[mm]

This time I must step back and disagree with the final conclusion.:

Fast: check my shots with the Canon EF 200[mm] f/2.8 II:

Deep of course EF 70-200 F/x XX is a smart lens and water resistant but here why I love my prime telephoto:

- is cheaper, all 70-200 are a bit expensive and heavier;

- is black, unluckily the dark white lenses are a signal for burglars;

- it's really sharp, it's a prime lens so it must be and you must learn to use it;

- is really quite and fast to focus;

- many tell you that f/4 is enough but if you shoot stars and deep sky objects every single mm counts, or you are at stage or on street with low light those 2 steps are useful;

- it's small, well except the lens hood that is huge like bowl;

- I grew up with 135[mm] that is considered a must, but as you know (see), it's always a bit shorter, so 200[mm] is better.

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