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After a noon on the Promenade to shoot something during the triathlon of European Masters Games 2015 I decided to go to Monegasque port and check if the news from home were true: the biggest sail boat in the world is arrived on the coast.

When I arrived to the dam parking, I've notice some bad weather clusters on the Franco-Italian border, and knowing the zone I wasn't very worried, and I left inside the car the sail jacket (boots too). You know, just some shots and find some info to plane another visit.

I started to shoot the big boat from the new cruise terrace, with the fisheye and fighting for all stupid flares from all lights (even from the roof).

Why the fisheye, because the SEDOV is really long, however I wanted a different point of view, so I decided to go to the other side on the new dock/dam of the YCM.

Unluckily I was  to much optimistic on the rain, and the time I arrived to the YCM entrance some drops were already on the ground. 

With the Gorillapod fitted with the camera and grabed to the fence I could just shoot a shot.

The drizzle became a storm and I run to the exit of the F1 tunnel to wait the end of the storm, usually on the coast they have a short life, or they have some breaks so I could go back to the car.

But this wasn't the normal rain, it is the most powerful storm for long time.

I wait, I wait, and wait again. After 3 quarters the rain didn't stop, so it was time to do something:

Wait or Wet?

I went for wet, so after a little plan for the track to follow, I started to run. When I arrived to the other side, about 50-100[m] from the parking I stopped under the entrance of the new building of the International School. Here the storm became really bad. 3 black-outs, 5-10[cm] of water everywhere.

With the third black-out I decided that I had to bring out the car from the underground parking before the lost of power would blocks all gates/machine or the water would invade it.

Parking paid, dry socks, shoes and t-shirt changed, I left the port to go home, but my internal spirit of reporter has pushed me to switch on the GoPro and drive around.

The result is in this time-lapse.

While Shooting

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