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  • S.R.: M.G.S. Arrival - Arrivo con Calma

    First time published: 2018Jun07

    After a stormy day on the coast, while the boats were sailing in the sun around Sardegna, because the committee has shorted the race leaving out Sicilia and Baleari marks, the arrive of the first boat has been in totally calm and very very light breeze from the morning,
    @ 06:17UTC SMA FRA-1859 with Paul Meilhat and Gwenole Gahinet has crossed the line.
    SMA FRA1859
    copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriAfter the arrival the "private" prize for Paul Meilhat SMA FRA1859
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Much later the podium has been completed by Monin FRA-27 and Newrest - Art & Fenetres FRA-56 at photo-finish, with the last one trying to play the card of the coast track but it didn’t.
    Monin FRA27 and Newrest Art Fenetres FRA56 with the Moby-Loones ferry leaving Nice
    copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriNewrest Art Fenetres FRA56 passing near the rocks
    copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriMonin FRA27 and Newrest Art Fenetres FRA56 arrived
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzerihere the table with the results:

    Tomorrow giving prizes and after Giraglia!!!

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  • S.R.: EU-IRC2019 - Solleone solitario
    First time published: 2019Jun26
    Good Morning Mood for the Skipper Meeting
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
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    Even with all good intention of the Race Committee, the crew of the YCS and sailors, today we had just one winner: the first summer hot day that thanks to the Anticyclone has meshed the thermal breeze and so our expectation to race.

    ClubSwan42: Be Wild, under the Tendalino in virtual mode
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Some crew in the morning were already under the "tendalino" playing to "VirtualRegatta ®" inshore races.
    Others were already drinking a lot of water (but better use recyclable/re-usable devices)
    TP52: Team Vision Future with big water devices waiting to go
    copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriAlso we had a kind of test of departure, but soon the wind has started to be variable till stop at all.
    Minus 10[min] to start, but nothing happened
    copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriAround 11:00UTC the R.C. has risen AP flag over H flag, premonition... premonition of the rest of the day.
    Around 13:00UTC, the R.C: has called all R.I.B. of supporto to try to put in position the marks to try to do a coastal race, but when we arrived nothing.
    Only the ClubSwan 45 Miss K Checkmate GBR-45026 was sailing for practise as a GP42 that was more in the north and still they were quite slow.
    the Panorama of the Riviera Sanremese
    copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriGP42 CONFLUENCE SOPRA DPMF ITA-4202: cleaning the boat
    copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriIf you want more details about the race, I suggest to read the English version on YachtsandYachting magazine, created by my "Boss" C for these days: 

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  • S.R.: EU-IRC2019 - Day 0: Giugno mese di Fuoco!!!
    First time published: 2019Jun25

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    Main Gate of the event
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

    Is there an end to this Month???

    1. Les Voiles d'Antibes: done
    2. World Cup Final (contingency): done
    3. Rolex Giraglia: done
    4. European Championship IRC: just started

    ...Where is Luglio??? and the Canicola has just started...

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