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  • Fri, 15 Mar 2019 00:00:00 +0000

    F.I.S.: Color Space - Science and Calibration
    First time published: 2012Sep28

    Something that is unknown by all:

    Color Science History and the ICC Profile Specifications

    First time published: 2014 Feb 14

    Yes, I'm upgrading my workflow, so here  a useful article about the most common device to calibrate our screens:

    American Frame Color Calibration

    update 2019: I'm still waiting to have the budget to buy it at least I've the 3 cards (Black White and Grey) to calibrate white balance (well maybe a day I'll use on the field...).
  • Fri, 08 Mar 2019 00:00:00 +0000

    F.I.S. Back stage: Photo Police in Monaco...
    First time published: 2012Nov22

    If you already looked to my images of Monte Carlo, I wrote to come here and read the story about behind the scene...

    As you know the French Riviera is a paradise for and to shoot, and thanks to my passion for the astronomy, I knew that during that period there was the conjunction between Moon and Jupiter. So with xmas decorations it was a good excuse for a photowalk by night.

    The Temple of Non sense...
    I'm not moralist, I just doing a consideration about the useless of loose money in a Casinò and the kitsch of Christmas lights aorund.
    Today, the shot is impossible d/t new luxury boutiques inside the garden in front of it.
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    I had already decided to avoid to photograph close to hotels and Casinò, so I went straight to the garden in front of the Casinò. But just entering the signal says to avoid to use tripod inside. Uhmm ok I can understand, VIP, paparazzi and tourists... So I went on top between the road and the fountain and I shot with the tripod from there. I thought to be allowed, I was outside the garden.

    Hopes never die....
    Particular of the Casinò during the nights of the new year.
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Later I moved to another wonderful building: the Hotel Hermitage, I love it.
    The dome, the Moon and Jupiter it's a great shot, but it was night so I need the tripod again.
    I was on the sidewalk and after setup and a couple of test shot, you know road signs, pilons, comas..... I was ready when an undecover police car stop near to me and the 4 policemen inside told me that all around the town is prohibited to use the tripod!!!
    Yeah for security reasons you are not allow to use a tripod without written clearance!!!
    So I closed the tripod in the bag and walk to another location... and this time I used my wallet and all walls and vases I could find.
    So if you go to Montecarlo don't use the tripod!!!
    Sainte Dévote
    Yes it's the famous name of the first turn of the Formula 1 Gp, it's named because there's the church of "Eglise Sainte Dévote".
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
  • Tue, 05 Mar 2019 22:00:00 +0000

    Supporta Wikipedia!!!
    First time published: 2019Mar05

    If you already read my last post on my social networks, ok jump away from here. I hope you decided to supporto Wikipedia!!!
    If no read below and click on the link and support Wikipedia!!!

    Che Aspetti??? DO IT!!! all of us use it and it's the most democratic/free/liberal source of culture 
    Ho appena fatto una donazione a @Wikipedia. Supporta anche tu la libera conoscenza! #ioamoWikipedia
  • Fri, 01 Mar 2019 00:00:00 +0000

    F.I.S.: Google License (diritti)...

    First time published: 2012may01
    It's in italian but can be useful to all, some explanation about license in Google Drive:

    Note 2019: probably these are changed.
  • Fri, 22 Feb 2019 00:00:00 +0000

    F.I.S.: App Paper Release
    First time published: 2012Jul10

    Tonight I found the first App. I was already looking for this kind of apps, but this new one is free!!! And made by a great organization so should be a Must for all shooters!!!

    App list, prices referred @2012:

    ASMP Releases (free)

    Easy Release by ApplicationGap (7.99€)

    iPhone Contract Maker Apps (2.39€)

    Notes 2012:
    1. ASMP app in my opinion is a bit complicate, soon I'll test others
    2. : others app I found in the list below
    Top Model Release (7.99€ by Catherine Hall)

    Model Release (4.49€)

    release me (8.99$)

    iRelease (not in italy)

    ID Release (free)

    Notes 2019:
    1. ASMP app looks like is not available for ITA-EU store;
    2. iPhone Contract Maker app looks like discontinued;
    3. Top Model Release app looks like is not available for ITA-EU store;
    4. Model Release app looks like discontinued;
    5. release me app looks like discontinued;
    6. iRelease app looks like discontinued;
    7. ID Release app looks like discontinued;
    8. The app Easy Release (the second one on the top list) is what I'm using today, I love it!! Just be careful using forms, check exactly which nation you are, so be careful with the wizard.