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  • S.R.: Day1: Bollettino Turbolento; -> Day 2: Tempesta in arrivo; -> Day3: Il Professore è salito in Cattedra, di Nuovo; -> Day 4: Vista Alternativa
    First time published:2020Sept24
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    Day 1 - Bollettino Turbolento

    We should speak of the races, but the most relevant thing now are the effects of COVID-19 (yesterday 5300 cases) has on the event: nearly of the totality of Star Class is not here (only 7 on the water), the Dragon Class too (has the double on water). It’s really pity for both, yes it’s understandable, but for the star the retirement of Silver Star from the competition had been the K.O. for the organization.
    The star has used the classical field, the easterly one, while Dragons were in for to the beaches.
    Weather were sunny but big storms were all round the hills and mountain, giving to us some spectacular background (I missed also the Star departure with a lighting strike in the frame) the wind was light but sailable.
    Knowing well the Star class, it’s a family business between the French Champion team and local (Jean-gabriel Charton + Jean Francois Puissegur) and the childhood Puissegur’s son friend (Matteo Chaboud + Eddy Ruprt, also the Matteo’s father is on the water to fight).
    Downwind leg and the storm cell in background - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Even with a long distance split the fight was tight, and the first race has finished thanks to a strategic decision of the champion to pass from the inside sandwich in the last leg via a upwind cross and outside track, giving some shear to the younger and moving to the St. Magarit island and crossing the line with around 10-20 sec, the 2nd, 3rd 4th arrived in a train.
    Dragon, second start - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    We have left the star to join the end of the first race of the Dragon. To start the second race it has needed quite a lot (no AP flag up) but when it was good, on the first downwind leg, some crew has to remove the spi, to hoist the jib, second half after the mark has already hoisted the spi again and gaining a lot of speed making the group compact with the first still on jib but with no momentum, at that point the R.C. has decided to delete the race (why??? a reduction not??? Class rules???) and move all the fleet to the Star field on the other side of the bay. Time to arrive there a light 10 drops shower arrived, and the wind disappear totally with no chances, at 14:00UTC to send all at home.
    SCUD BH-12 and Torben Grael team - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    On the classic world some big name were already there in the morning, like the team of P.Bertelli’s SCUD with Torben Grael (the team is from Vanessa), Elena of London, Viola, all 3 P-Class, many of them has spent the day to practise around the bay for the debutto.
    Results tables: 
    General Stage 1: 2 races
    Dragon Class
    1. SUI-313 FREE Dirk Oldenburg(1=1)
    2. TUR-1212 PROVEZZA DRAGON Andy Beadsworth (2=2)
    3. GBR 408 JOANNA Dimitry Bondarenko (3=3)
    Star Class
    1. FRA 8328 AfterMath Matteo Chaboud + Eddy Ruprt (3=2,1)
    2. FRA 8266 Asteria 6 Jean-gabriel Charton + Jean Francois Puissegur (3=1,2)
    3. FRA 8196 Raoul Dabry + Tristan Cotte (7=3,4)

    Day 2 - Tempesta in arrivo

    Elena of London B2 (A9) and the Classic fleet) - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri 
    Not so much to say except that we were happy to be at ground a big storm with heavy rain has hit the bay till mid afternoon, when the races were cancelled at 12:00UTC
    I’m really thankful to the ladies of the Poliform by BKa shop in Cannes, they welcomed me and warmed me with a huge cup of tea after the I’ve been surprised by the heavy shower on the way-back to the yacht club (if I had the jacket or I hadn’t brought with me the cameras I could did not stop).
    Marga F-3 team wait - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Considering the situation and days running away I can just see stormy for the organization (now Italy has imposed restrictions to come back home, and very narrow protocol for ST has been placed).
    Hoping to shoot from the R.I.B. Today that’s all folks
    The storm on the bay - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

    Day 3 - Il Professore è salito in Cattedra, di Nuovo

    SCUD BH-12 and team shoes at docks - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri 
    After the problematic weather of the first 2 days, today we already knew that it would be a great day, the nearly perfect weather to shoot: sunny, not too much wind, nearly no big waves. The most classic condition for Cannes, light wind to start and “corposo” (n.d.t.: full-bodied) for the noon/second part of the race.
    The course chosen was B3, so a big triangle from the port, to the point between Plage de l'Aiguille and Port de la Galere, and the point in front to the club.
    First of all: the start: the big boat has made a testing start at -5min, showing their power and strategy of start. Unfortunately during the real start, TUIGA D-3, overshooting it and has to come back, the middle of the service r.i.b. (our too, and it wasn’t a safe position). However, the change of crew (Royal Denmark as usual) didn’t slow down the war-machine from the Principato.
    Royal Danish briefing - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Second start, with involved P-Class, Chinook, and the new entry boat SCUD, helmsman Torben Grael, who has given another lesson of starting to all, on our boat also the two members of the sponsor Banque Populaire Méditerranée (the sailing staff) agree that he made a magic action: 
    Torben arrived at about 1-2 length from the R.C. and went in a dial-up that stop the boat and also the others, when he decided to go, the others like Marga F-3, Eva 6, weren’t able to go, and, I don’t know how SCUD still have enough Momentum, to leave all the others runners there and accelerate out of the starting line. Absolutely a Master-piece!!! (last year he started with left tack from the pin in front to the rest of the fleet).
    SCUD BH-12 is running away over all fleet - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    The others - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Some trouble have been at the first mark, where the finding of a big piece of wood (still to check this) on the course has made some ”scompiglio” (n.d.t.: muddle) with the intervention of the Safety (my dear friend of yellow r.i.b. from Antibes, thank you to be active), unlucky when a groupe of boat was reaching it Marga has also a crash there (damaged the mainsail) Il Moro di Venezia has to overtake widely… the radio was a bit hot later with calling of protest and auto penalty declarations. On the docks others boats have reported some damages.
    trouble at the first mark - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Our Yellow Angel - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Olympian P-14team solve problems on top of the mast - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

    Sails damaged - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    It has been a very nice day, closed with gusting and sunny spell.
    I want just do a recall:
    PLEASE people, in particular old one,
    STAY safe,
    STAY at home,
    DRESS UP your mask,
    INSTALL the french APP (it works in parallel to the others app, so at least 2 services on)
    KEEP distance,
    DON’T sneeze or cough without covering your face and DON’T spit on the ground,
    we, photographers and co., will bring you the show,
    DON’T MAKE RISK TO THE CREWS AND US just because you want be on the docks with a smartphone.
    I was feeling much safer in March and April during the lockdown (yup I couldn’t go back at home in Bergamo till July) than now!!!

    Day 4 - Vista Alternativa

    Race field from the rocks, departure Big Boat - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

    On paper, my program for the event has been concluded, 1.5day is gone d/t the weather it’s part of the sailing, and as usual one day is dedicated to find new alternative to shoot, in particular from the ground, as fan I often watched the regattas from a beach or a port wall…
    This year, when in May/June limits of the lockdown in France has been removed I could explore some iconic landmark of the P.A.C.A. (yup I was here and not at home near Bergamo for 5 months), so today, a bit in hurry for a missed alarm, I’ve climbed on top of the peak (7km, 250m to climb up to 642m in 1h16m) breathing a fantastic clean air full of pine and eucalyptus and I could shoot the bay with the departure of the big boat.
    Elena of London A9 (B2 this year???) and TUIGA D-3 - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    After, I’ve ride my snow-monster down on a wonderful snake road to another iconic place, this time at sea level, and another path to climb has brought me in the zone of the tack and of the mark (yes I know quite well the courses and on top I could listen the radio and the call of the same track of yesterday). In addition the weather passed from sunny and light breeze to stormy dark all around with light wind and sun rays falling as spot-light.
    Il Moro di Venezia I-7077 in front the fleet, spotted by the sun - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    All the effort was rewarded by some different images than usual.
    P-13 Chips and NY-49 Rowdy pushing to the max line to tack - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    The red-rock of the needle - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Manitu 62 and others on spirits with sun spots - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Friday, just one more day on the docks of the “Festival” (to investigate some rumours about some new damages) and Sunday it’s time to go in Glamour village for the third last event on the Côte.
    Results tables: (too many to be listed)
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  • S.R.: L.V.A.25 Day 3+4 - Giornata Dantesca+Saette all’orizzonte
    First time published:2020Sept19
    TUIGA D-3 panning - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriTUIGA D-3 panning
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Main Website Event:
    Main Galleries Folder:
    Main Galleries Folder 2020:
    Day 3, forecast are good, more or less, the start and the transition via Cap Antibes with the wonderful La Garoupe has been a bit a purgatory with the wind going down, but when outside the bay of Golfe Juan till the Palm Beach (the home of the Yacht Club Cannes) the condition were typical for the event, small waves and good wind maybe up to 10kts, sufficient to see oblique masts , sails full and boat runnig, a bit missing of waves for some nice spray, but it’s fine.
    Departure with Marga F-3, P-Class at the pin - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriDeparture with Marga F-3, P-Class at the pin
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Even if the “north northerly-east wind” has changed the starting line, the pin was the preferred, and as usual, this means overshoot the start, in particular the one with the 3 P-Class and Marga F-3 (not sure which P was out with Corinthian P-5).
    However the course chosen was the 11 (with Charlie-flag already announced) has given different strategy to follow (who immediately tack who follow to the mark and tack later).
    In the race-track field, the horizon was full of sails going everywhere to catch the best they can have.
    Tacking dance - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriTacking dance
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Outstanding the performance of TUIGA D-3 new team, looks like the training made during the summer has made the team strong!!! They were also followed by a R.I.B. of Y.C.M. with supporters and a “photographic optical bench” mounted at bow (yes that stuff like far-west camera).
    With this also the organization has provided a VIP-yellow-cab R.I.B. to bring spectators closer to the action (GREAT!!! Finally someone in the sea is listening my ideas…)
    TUIGA D-3 - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriTUIGA D-3
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Finally all classes has made at least a run, but we need to ask some clarifications about penalty, protest (some were there when I left the field) so the standings are still temporary.
    A note about today Day4: I didn’t planned to go (backup day) to have some rest for the next event Monday, Régates Royales, but from the windows it has been clear that was a good idea, the start has been precise at 09:00UTC, but the storm has arrived suddenly and around the 10:00UTC al races have been stopped (around hills of Nice many Lightings strike, and strong gusting on the radio was reported (to check). 
    Really pity also the visibility has dropped and I couldn’t shoot them from far-away.
    Binocular view of the starting zone - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriBinocular view of the starting zone
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Balance of the event: absolutely positive, as usual Antibes has showed its capacity to make Regattas.
    COVID-19 (mask and co.; yesterday case number above 13’000) has hit in particular the human relation between people, photographers, sailors, visitors, the atmosphere is there but with a note of sadness d/t restrictions.
    STAY SAFE!!! 
    Results tables:
    General Stage 4: 2 races
    BiB Class
    1. TUIGA D-3 Zaoli (2=1,1)
    2. Moonbeam of Fife 88 Erwan NOBLET (4=2,2)
    3. Hallowe’en 2 Inigo STREZ (10=DNF,DNF)
    4. ORIANDA Sebastiano MARULLI (10=DNS,DNS)
    EAA Class
    1. Chinook NY-48 Paolo Zannoni (4=1,3)
    2. Corinthian P-5 Sebastien BAZIN (6=4,2)
    3. Viola Fabien DESPRES (7=6,1)
    EBA Class
    1. Rowdy NY-49 Timothy GOODBODY (1=1)
    2. Meerblick Classic 29 Johan ANKER (2=2)
    3. Skylard of 1937 21 Martin FOX (3=3)
    EBB Class 
    1. One Wave F-90 William Borel (1=1)
    2. Carron II SUI-3 Angelo Mazarella (2=2)
    3. Ella 858 Philippe BEGUIN (3=3)
    EAB Class
    1. LULU 7c Alain BEAUME (1=1)
    2. Myfanwy CAG-58 Daniel LEE (2=2)
    3. Esterel H-31 FLOTARD (3=3)
    CLA Class
    1. Sagittarius FRA-6065 Thierry LAFFITTE (2=1,1)
    2. OJIALA’II K-4702 Michele FROVA (5=2,3)
    3. EUGENIA V Baptiste GARNIER (8=4,4)
    CLB Class
    1. Crazy Life 4595 Bernard OLIVIERI (1=1)
    2. Silhouet H-2510 Michel COMTOIS (2=2)
    3. L’Aiglon FR-34820 Veronique BERTHON (3=3)
    1. Team42 FRA-78 Bernard GIROUX (1=1)
    2. Pitch FRA-31 Patrice RIBOUD (2=2)
    3. Nirvana FRA-7 Thomas MUSTIER (3=3)
  • S.R.: L.V.A. Day 2: Coraggiosa Attesa
    First time published: 2020Sept18
    Main Website Event:
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    Main Galleries Folder 2020:
    Stage 0:
    Stage 1:
    Stage 2:
    Viola members warmup - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Viola members warmup
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Lets start to speak from the end: tomorrow weather forecast should be nominal with some rain at the end of the day 3 already at evening, and now night, we have mutational condition, with wind growing under the Fife dragon in this cloudy sky.
    Cloudy Dragon - Fife - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriCloudy Dragon - Fife
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Again weather: today was expected to have a couple of knots more than yesterday; but today no wind and that small was rotational.
    With a lot of courage, the R.C. has decided to kick out all boats, even if it was clear already in the morning: no sailing.
    The starting zone flat, from the La Garoupe - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriThe starting zone flat, from the La Garoupe
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    However some images from the hill of the light-house and from the beach below give a great view of the field; it has been a pleasure (and painful climb with all those extra kilograms) wait under the shadow of the maritime pine and their perfume. Back to the fort/village, a chat with race officers, a ride to the car, and finally a couple of hours on the secret beach of the gate to watch fishes swimming between the rocks.
    Waiting vessels - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriWaiting vessels
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Results tables:
    General Stage 2: 1 races
    BiB Class
    1. TUIGA D-3 Z (1=1)
    2. Moonbeam of Fife 88 Erwan NOBLET (2=2)
    3. ORIANDA Sebastiano MARULLI (5=DNS)
    EAA Class
    1. Chinook NY-48 Paolo Zannoni (1=1)
    2. Olympian P-14 Philippe ODDO (2=2)
    3. Chips P-13 Bernard LIAUTAUD(3=3)
    CLA Class
    1. Sagittarius FRA-6065 Thierry LAFFITTE (1=1)
    2. OJIALA’II K-4702 Michele FROVA (2=2)
    3. DUNE CAG-14 Erick COLL (3=3)

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