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  • Join Me on Mars

    First time published: 2019May22

    Come on, go to the site and register yourself:
    The trip starts quite dangerous, and the road is full of deadly radiations and particles. the landing is very rough, so keep airbags ready.
    The weather is quite chilly and some wind storm may arrive.
    But you can trust me, the adventure is guaranteed and the shooting is amazing!!!

  • S.R.: L.V.A. Day 4 Last Run
    First time published: 2018Jun03

    Good Morning
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

    Back to the classic, after 2 days of carbon and glass fiber, the wood is the king, and the sails are White!!!
    EILEAN  499 preparation
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    With a very smart decision the Race Officers committee during the briefing, decided to sail the route 7 (from the port, northerly parallel to the coast till Villeneuve-Loubet, southerly back to La Garoupe and finish line in front to the fort of the port), and already advise sailor of reduction/change of track if wind change (drop, and it did it…).
    Start line TUIGA D3
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Even if most of the winners were already sure the day before, the hungry of win was still present, like in the big boat class with TUIGA and Cambria. For all the leg after for disengage mark they flow on water and they tried to excel on one another, and when arrived to the mark engaged Cambria, in the zone inside, for FairPlay (and also safety, it’s the first event of the season) instead push out TUIGA and kill wind, she decided to turn outside and leave them tack first and in clear wind.
    Cambria K-4 and TUIGA D3
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Marga also at the end of the day was happy of the race after 3 days of not good places.
    MARGA F3
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    One boat, was really undertone: Moonbeam IV, that with new white-blue sails and some update in the crew, has spent a lot of time to try find the new setting and briefing and debriefing.
    Moonbeam IV D8 with Christian (bowman) watching for the future?
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    One thing has rise between all crews, the concerne of the “new” rating system, but as all of them (IRC vs ORC) there are some happy and some not, we will see at the end of the season.
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzericopyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    In conclusion, Les Voiles d’Antibes has showed again to be the place where if you want sail, you must be, and when you don’t sail the music of the concerts and the village will make you feel welcomed.

    If there’s the opportunity I’ll back to the big classic family in Imperia, if not, Cannes with the Regatta Royales will be the Event!

    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

    Final Winners:
    Big Boats:
    Mariska D-1 
    Epoque Aurique:
    EVA - 6
    Epoque Marconi A:
    Rowdy NY-49
    Epoque Marconi B:
    Santana X-9
    Epoque Marconi C:
    Cippino II A-66
    Classic Marconi Racer:
    Resolute Salmon US-20456
    Spirit of Tradition:
    Tabasco 5 FRA-8209
    Pitch FRA-31

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    IMOCA60 in Monaco:

  • S.R.: M.G.S.: Day 2 - Calma Piatta e afosa…

    First time published: 2018Jun02

    All the hopes has been melted by the hot haze weather that hit Monaco.
    Malizia II MON10
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    With all hopes and good intentions of the organization at 11:45UTC the race has been postponed of half an hour, but NO WIND and the program has blow up.
    Bureau Vallee II FRA18 Sail stock detail
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    The program was to sail northerly for about 4[NM] in front of Menton, starting in front of the port of Monaco at 12:00UTC, but as I said flat sea, mast and hull square! Just after the race has been deleted, a little breeze has given to some boat a momentum for a light run…
    Going around
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    The no race has giving me the possibility to see the new project that this first class club is moving for the sailing: a “Dynamic Drone Buoy”, it’s experimental but it works, the team will have a new instrument to make sailors happy.
    “Dynamic Drone Buoy” or Robot Mark
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    Last two shots recall us that the Formula1 GP has just passed and Monaco is the capitol of the glamour: a Cigarette and a J-Craft.
    Cigarette Foxtrot Oscar
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
    My time with these fast high tech boat and their friendly Skippers and Shore Team is closed for now, tomorrow back to classic woods…

    In Bocca al Lupo in giro per il mediterraneo.
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